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  • Mini Labradoodle Puppies for Sale | Puppies Downunder

    F2 Mini Labradoodle Puppies for Sale Date of Birth 13 August 2023 Ready for Collection NOW 1300 757 019 Female MChip 9576 956 0000 1668 9576 F 9576 F 956 0000 1668 9576 F 1/2 Female MChip 7137 7137 F 956 0000 1668 7137 F 7137 F 1/2 Female MChip 2767 2767 F 956 0000 1632 2767 F 2767 F 1/2 Female MChip 6146 SOLD 6146F 956 0000 1658 6146 F 6146 F 6146F 1/3 Meet the Parents DNA Tested with all clear results ​ A full breed profile of your puppy to identify the pare nts and the DNA results for specific diseases and traits is available for a fee of $149 Vivienne WhatsApp Image 2022-03-30 at 12.30.38 PM (1) Vivienne Vivienne 1/5 Vivienne Sex: Fe male Breed: Mini Labradoodle Colour: Red ​​Height: 46 cm Weight: 17 kg Mr Wiggly Wiggly - Labradoodle Mr Wiggly 1/2 ​Mr Wiggly Sex: M ale Breed: M ini Labradoodle Colou r: Apricot ​​Height: 42 cm Weight: 11 kg 1300 757 019 About Our Mini Labradoodle Puppies F2 Labradoodle Puppies F2 Labradoodle Puppies 1/1 Affectionate ​ Highly Intelligent ​ Beautiful temperament ​ Hypoallergenic - Low Shedding ​ Suitable for all age groups ​ Perfect Family Pet ​ Suitable to be trained as a therapy pet ​ Well socialised ​ Raised in loving environment What Do I Receive When I Purchase My Puppy? What you will receive when you purchase your puppy Two vaccinations prior to sale (C7 and C6) Two health checks from our veterinarian Microchipping Worming and flea prevention 21-day health guarantee 3 year genetic guarantee 4 weeks free pet insurance with Knose Insurance 64g Vytrate Hydration Treatment ​ 2Kg Variety Shape Puppy Biscuits Puppy health record (includes important information about your puppy) After-sales support that is world-class for the lifetime of your puppy. ​ DNA Genetic diseases and traits and Parentage Verifcation reports - $149 ​ ​ PAYMENT OPTIONS Our 100% Money Back Guarantee We provide our customers with the following 5 safeguards which entitles them to a 100% money back guarantee if it is found that their puppy is not healthy... ​ LEARN MORE Shipping/Courier Services We have decades of experience and relationships with a number of the best transport organisations that ensure our puppies safely reach our customers in Australia and other countries. ​ LEARN MORE Why Choose Your Puppy From Puppies Downunder? Government Approved Breeder ​ Over 45 years of knowlege and experience in canine health, biology, psychology, breeding and training ​ Breeding for Excellence in Health, Intelligence and Temperament. ​ 100% Money Back Guarantee ​ After-sale support and advice for the life-time of your puppy. ABOUT US Ready to purchase one of our puppies? Click on our mate Digger He will guide you through the process to purchasing a puppy from Puppies Downunder Puppies Downunder Supporting critcally ill kids Puppies Downunder will donate a puppy or $10 from each puppy it sells to Make-A-Wish Australia to help grant life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness. ​ ​ Read about our latest donation Terms and Conditions Follow us to check out our latest news

  • About Us | Puppies Downunder | Worldwide

    At Puppies Downunder, we strive for excellence and to continuously improve our practices. We swear commitment to our customers in providing ongoing advice and support for the life-time of their puppy as well as be an exemplary model in this industry on a level not seen anywhere else worldwide. ​ Please take some time to explore our website, if you have any further questions please contact us.​ ​ Thankyou ​ Charlie and Sharron Maddaluno As ethical breeders, concern for the health and well-being of our animals is paramount and will always be a priority before profits. Our core values ensure our dogs receive enrichment and an excellent quality of life. ​ Our animals are our passion, we do not do this as a part time exercise like many micro-breeders. We dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to each and every one of our animals. We strongly advise purchasers to buy from specialist full-time dog breeders instead of part-time breeders who allow their dogs to whelp unsupervised. ​ ​ Our Mission is to breed for excellence in Health, Intelligence, Temperament and Hypo-Allergenic qualities. ​ ​We have access to extensive bloodlines and carefully select the parents of our puppies who possess the best qualities of their breed. This ensures that our puppies are suitable for all types of families, first-time pet owners, seniors, and those looking for an assistance dog for Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, and various other disabilities and mental health conditions. ​ As responsible breeders, we provide Genetic and Health Guarantees for every puppy, including 4 weeks of Free Pet Insurance. We also encourage you to meet the parents of your puppy and see where your puppy was born. Thank you for visiting Puppies Downunder ​ We are family-owned commercial dog breeders approved by the Victorian Minister for Agriculture to breed due to our exceptional ethical standards, extensive knowledge, and qualifications in animal biology, health, canine psychology, breeding, raising, and training over the past 45 years. ​ We work closely with Animal Welfare Victoria and our Local Council to ensure that the health and welfare of our animals are at the highest standards at all times. ​ With 45 years of experience and a passionate and dedicated team, we are trusted experts in this industry with a wealth of knowledge and the resources to care for, train and socialise our animals. About Us Leaders in Ethical Dog Breeding Puppies Downunder are one of very few commercial dog breeders that have been approved by the Minister of Agriculture to breed dogs due to our highly professional and ethical standards. Our approval to breed by the Minister of Agriculture MP was based on the recommendation from Animal Welfare Victoria's Chief Veterinary Officer. ​ We are now the leaders in this industry and have the highest ethical standards in the world!​ ​ As a Commercial Dog Breeder, we must receive approval from the Chief Veterinary Office of Victoria in order to operate and are under one of Australia’s toughest animal welfare reforms! This world-first law in Victoria puts an end to animal cruelty and imposes some of the toughest restrictions ever seen on animal welfare. ​ Puppies Downunder works closely with the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare Victoria to ensure full ongoing compliance with the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Business 2018. As a Commercial breeder we must comply with the following requirements: - Restrict numbers to no more than 50 fertile females - Register with the local council as a domestic animal business - Assist welfare officers to audit the premises upon request - Educate and train staff and volunteers - Ensure staff have appropriate qualifications - Maintain a Health management plan for each breed of dog - Maintain a Retirement plan for each dog - Implement an exercise, enrichment, socialising and handling policy. Our Breeding Facility Our facility is regularly audited by our local council Latrobe City and Animal Welfare Victoria to ensure we are providing only the highest ethical standards to our animals. This is something that we pride ourselves on and as previously mentioned we have the highest ethical standards worldwide. Whilst we would prefer to have our puppies and their parents live in our home with beds and linen, the requirements of the State Government require us to home them in pens. The majority of authorities state that all animal owners should crate train their puppies when they bring them home which is the same as keeping the animal in a pen. We have recently completed exciting renovations throughout our facility which includes a new whelping and rearing facility as well as an on site veterinary room, so that our animals are provided with only the best of care. Learn More Puppies Downunder and New Beginnings Animal Rescue have worked together finding homes for our retired dogs over a period that spans more than 15 years. ​ Puppies Downunder retire their dams after 5 litters and sires at the age of 7. If they are not adopted by our 15 staff, we call on Krystal from New Beginnings to help us find a loving home for them. ​ It is a great privilege to work with Krystal who is the founder of this non-profit organisation. She has helped us find many loving homes for our retired dams and sires. ​ At New Beginnings, their purpose is to rehome, save and rehabilitate animals from breeding establishments, pounds and shelters. ​ This not for profit organisation pays for veterinary costs themselves. They pay for food, toys, beds and many other things to make the animal’s life more comfortable. ​ They send the animal to a foster home to be assessed, and until a suitable home can be found for them. They take the animal to their own homes, and they treat them as their own. They train them and socialise them. And they also pay this from their own pockets and the donations they raise. ​ This organisation needs your support to keep going and so they can meet the costs of helping these animals. ​ Please give generously. Our Rehoming Program What Breeds do we specialise in? Aussiedoodle Puppy Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale Spoodle Puppy Spoodle Puppies for Sale Bordoodle Puppy Bordoodle Puppies for Sale Aussiedoodle Puppy Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale 1/10 ​ Puppies Downunder specialise in the following breeds ​ ​ Mini Groodle (Mini Goldendoodle) ​ ​ Toy and Mini Cavoodle (Cavapoo, Cavadoodle) ​ ​ Mini Spoodle (Cockerpoo, Cockapoo, Cockerdoodle) ​ ​ Mini Labradoodle ​ ​ Mini Bordoodle (Borpoo, Borderpoo) ​ ​ Mini Aussiedoodle (Aussiepoo, Aussiepoodle) View Our Puppies For Sale Contact us on 0499 912 709 to discuss future litters Learn more about Puppies Downunder and our Breeding Facility Our Puppy Package What you will receive when you purchase your puppy Two vaccinations prior to sale (C7 and C6) Two health checks from our veterinarian De-sexing at 8 weeks old Microchipping Worming and flea prevention 21-day health guarantee 3 year genetic guarantee 4 weeks free pet insurance with Knose Insurance Puppies Downunder starter pack (biscuits, collar, lead, bowl and toy) ​ 64g Vytrate Hydration Treatment ​ 2Kg Variety Shape Puppy Biscuits Puppy health record (includes important information about your puppy) After-sales support that is world-class for the lifetime of your puppy. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee We take the RISK out of purchasing a puppy The price we charge for our puppies reflects our very high standards. We provide a greater level of assurance that the puppy you buy will be healthy and has been born and raised in a caring environment. We provide our customers with the following 5 safeguards which entitles them to a 100% money back guarantee if it is found that their puppy is not healthy... ​ Examination by our veterinarian at 5 weeks (full report) Examination by our veterinarian at 8 weeks (full report) Examination by your veterinarian at 12 weeks 21 day Health Guarantee which entitles customers to 100% money back guarantee if the animal is not healthy (determined at the time of the 12 week examination by your vet) 3 year Genetic Guarantee which entitles customers to a 100% money back guarantee if the animal is not healthy and your vet determines a genetic disease has been passed on from the parents to the puppy. Shipping/Courier Services We always encourage our customers to visit us and meet the puppy and the parents. If you are unable to do so we can send you videos and photos of the puppy and parents and can organise a time to meet with you via FaceTime/Messenger or Whatsapp. ​ ​ We can arrange transportation to anywhere in Australia and to most countries including Singapore and Hong Kong. ​ ​ We can provide transportation via courier for $300 at buyer's expense to Melbourne areas and welcome the opportunity for you to choose your own courier if you prefer. ​ ​ Please contact Damian on 0499 912 702 to discuss transportation options and prices to other areas. Puppies Downunder Supporting critcally ill kids Puppies Downunder will donate a puppy or $10 from each puppy it sells to Make-A-Wish Australia to help grant life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness. Ready to purchase one of our puppies? Click on our mate Digger He will guide you through the process to purchasing a puppy from Puppies Downunder Don't Get Scammed! Australians lost $2.5M in pet scams in 2021 according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch. ​ Follow our 6 simple rules to avoid falling victim to a puppy scam. How to Avoid a Scam Puppies Downunder are Victorian Goverment Approved breeders. ​ View the Animal Welfare Victoria Per Exchange Register to verify our Source Number BR100575 and Contact our local council Latrobe City Shire on 1300 367 700 and quote L120 to verify our license. ​ You can also check our website to verify our legitamacy at Follow us to check out our latest news

  • Puppies for Sale / Puppies Downunder / Australia

    PUPPIES FOR SALE Select your preferred breed below to view current litters available. THERAPY PETS View More Suitable for emotional support or to be trained as a certified therapy pet. SPOODLES View More Also known as Cockerdoodles or Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniel x Poodle AUSSIEDOODLES View More Also known as Aussiepoodles or Aussiepoos. Australian Shepherd x Poodle CAVOODLES View More Also known as a Cavadoodles or Cavapoos King Charles Cavalier x Poodle ​ LABRADOODLES View More Labradador x Poodle WAITING LIST View More Subscribe to our wait list and receive priority pick. GROODLES View More Also known as Goldendoodles ​ Golden Retirever x Poodle ​ BORDOODLES View More Also known as Borderdoodles, Borderpoos or Borpoos Border Collie x Poodle

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  • Puppy Adventures

    A Day of Socialisation and Enrichment in Newborough As part of our 2023 socialisation and enrichment program, these adorable pups embarked on a fun-filled excursion through the streets of Newborough. Join us as we recount their heartwarming experiences meeting new people, other dogs and exploring a new environment. The puppies' first stop on their adventure was in the bustling streets of Newborough. They were introduced to friendly passersby and experienced an array of novel sights and sounds. The socialisation aspect of the excursion aimed to build their confidence and ensure they grow into well-adjusted and sociable adult dogs. As part of their enrichment program, the pups had the opportunity to interact with other dogs during their outing. This interaction helped them develop crucial social skills and learn how to communicate effectively with their fellow canine friends. The highlight of the excursion was undoubtedly the visit to a dog-friendly playground. The puppies gleefully explored the playground, running around with boundless energy. Their favorite activity was playing on the swing, with their tiny tails wagging with excitement. This playtime enriched their mental and physical development, enhancing their coordination and agility The outing to Newborough brought immense joy to our pups and the Puppies Downunder team. The sights of their wagging tails, happy barks, and playfulness showed us the importance of such experiences in shaping their personalities and ensuring their well-being. At Puppies Downunder, we believe in providing our adorable puppies with the best start in life. The excursion to Newborough was a testament to our commitment to their socialisation and enrichment. By exposing them to new experiences, people, and other dogs, we ensure they grow into confident, happy, and well-rounded companions for their future forever families. If you're interested in welcoming a loving and socially enriched puppy into your home, stay tuned for updates on our puppies for sale page. Puppies Downunder looks forward to bringing joy and warmth to your life with our delightful furry friends.

  • Navigating the Transition: Challenges Faced by a Puppy in a New Home and Environment.

    How to support your puppy as they adapt to their new home and environment. Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting and joyful experience. However, it's important to recognise that this transition can be challenging for the puppy, particularly when they are around 5 to 8 months old. As they leave the breeder and enter a new environment, the puppy encounters a range of unfamiliar experiences. From adjusting to new sounds and scents to building trust with their new owner, these challenges require patience, understanding, and effective communication. In this article, we will explore the hurdles faced by a puppy during this critical stage of their life and provide insights on how to support them through this process. Adapting to New Experiences A puppy transitioning to a new home faces a multitude of new experiences. The sights, sounds, and smells of their surroundings are all unfamiliar, which can initially be overwhelming. Sounds such as sirens or television may startle them, and they may exhibit curiosity or caution towards new scents. By providing a calm and secure environment, gradually introducing them to new stimuli, and offering positive reinforcement, you can help your puppy become accustomed to their new surroundings. Building Trust with the New Owner Trust is a crucial aspect of the puppy-owner relationship. It takes time for a puppy to develop trust in their new owner. Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement play vital roles in building this trust. Engaging in gentle interactions, providing comfort, and establishing a routine will help your puppy feel secure and develop a bond with you. Remember, trust is earned, so allow your puppy to adjust at their own pace. Walking on a Lead in Town Walking on a lead in a town or busy area can be intimidating for a young puppy. They may be exposed to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and distractions. Gradual exposure to these environments, using positive reinforcement techniques, and ensuring a secure and comfortable leash and collar fit will help them feel more at ease. Building up their confidence through consistent training and rewarding good behavior will enable them to navigate public spaces with greater confidence over time. Meeting New Animals Introducing a puppy to new animals, whether they are cats or other dogs, requires careful management and supervision. Each interaction should be controlled and positive, with both parties feeling safe and secure. Gradual introductions, respecting boundaries, and rewarding calm behavior will help establish positive associations and promote successful socialisation. Toilet Training and Sleep Adjustment Toilet training can be a challenge during the initial stages. Puppies may have accidents as they adapt to a new routine and environment. Consistent schedules, frequent bathroom breaks, positive reinforcement for desired behavior, and patience are key to successful toilet training. Additionally, providing a comfortable and secure sleeping area will aid in a smooth adjustment to sleeping in their new home. Using a crate or designated space can help create a sense of security and routine for the puppy. Welcoming a puppy into your home requires understanding and empathy for the challenges they face during the transition. From encountering new experiences and stimuli to building trust and adjusting to daily routines, each step requires patience, consistency, and effective communication. Remember, it may take time for a puppy to settle into their new environment, so be patient and provide the support they need.

  • Toilet Training a Puppy: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pet Owners

    Toilet training, also known as housebreaking, is an essential aspect of raising a well-mannered and hygienic puppy. Establishing proper toilet habits early on will help your furry friend understand where and when to eliminate. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide to help pet owners successfully toilet train their puppies. Set Up a Designated Toilet Area: Choose a specific outdoor spot where you want your puppy to eliminate. Take your puppy to this area consistently, as the scent will help reinforce the association with the act of elimination. Ensure it is easily accessible and safe for your puppy to reach. Establish a Routine: Establishing a regular routine is crucial for successful toilet training. Puppies have small bladders and need frequent bathroom breaks. Take your puppy outside to the designated toilet area first thing in the morning, after meals, after naps, and before bedtime. Consistency is key to help your puppy develop a reliable toilet routine. Observe and Anticipate: Watch for signs that your puppy needs to eliminate, such as sniffing the floor, circling, or pacing. If you notice these signs, immediately take your puppy to the designated toilet area. By anticipating their needs, you can prevent accidents indoors and reinforce the desired behavior. Use Positive Reinforcement: When your puppy eliminates in the designated toilet area, provide immediate praise, treats, and affection. Positive reinforcement helps your puppy understand that eliminating in the correct spot is a desirable behavior. Use a happy and encouraging tone to reinforce their actions. Supervise and Confine: When you cannot actively supervise your puppy, confine them to a small, puppy-proofed area using a crate or a playpen. This helps prevent accidents and encourages your puppy to hold their bladder until you can take them outside. Avoid using confinement as a punishment; it should be a safe and comfortable space for your puppy. Clean Accidents Properly: Accidents are bound to happen during the toilet training process. It's essential to clean accidents promptly and effectively. Use an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pet accidents to eliminate odors. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners, as they can resemble the smell of urine and encourage your puppy to eliminate in that area again. Be Patient and Consistent: Toilet training takes time and patience. Puppies have varying learning speeds, so avoid getting frustrated with setbacks or accidents. Stay consistent with the routine, praise your puppy for desired behaviors, and redirect them to the designated toilet area when needed. Consistency and positive reinforcement will help your puppy learn quickly. Gradually Expand Boundaries: As your puppy becomes reliable with toilet training, gradually expand their boundaries within the house. Provide supervised access to additional rooms, always keeping an eye on them for any signs of needing to eliminate. Increase freedom gradually, as giving too much freedom too soon can lead to accidents. Toilet training is an essential part of puppy care that requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. By setting up a designated toilet area, establishing a routine, observing your puppy's behavior, and using positive reinforcement, you can successfully train your puppy to eliminate in the appropriate place. Remember to be patient, avoid punishment, and provide praise and rewards for desired behaviors. With time and consistent training, your puppy will become reliably toilet trained, leading to a harmonious and hygienic living environment for both you and your furry companion.

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