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Terms & Conditions

Be Sure Before You Buy!
  • Ask yourself, am I buying this puppy on impulse or to be trendy?


  • Make sure you see your dog as an adult, all puppies are cute but you need to know what all puppies grow up to be.

  • Having a puppy is a commitment with a great responsibility, be sure that you will have quality time to spend with your puppy.

Buyers Responsibilities
  • As a buyer you agree to take good care of your dog, to feed and house him/her properly and to maintain vaccination shots as required.

  • When in public and when off the premises of the dog’s home, he/she should be on a harness or leash.


  • The dog’s outdoor area will be fenced and secure and he/she should not be allowed to run freely at large, creating a public nuisance or found to be neglected, abused or allowed to live in poor health or poor conditions.


  • Your puppy has been sold to you as a companion animal and not for any other purpose or reason.


  • Your puppy is not to be used for any illegal or immoral activities.

  • ​All prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation.  


  • If you have received a quote (verbally or in writing) from a period greater than 30 days you will need to obtain a new quote.


  • The price quoted includes all costs such as microchipping, and vaccinations.

Council Registration
  • When your puppy turns 12 weeks of age, you are required to register your puppy with your local council.

Payment Terms

  • We require minimum of 10% deposit to secure the order of the puppy.

  • Any cancellations of the order will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

  • We require payment in full upon collection of the puppy.

  • PayID, Tap, Visa and Mastercard accepted.

  • We do not accept payment by Cheque.


  • We apply a 0.95% surcharge to payments made using tap and credit card payments, which is in line with our cost of acceptance.

  • We do not surcharge INSERT debit cards.


  • Any cancellations of the order will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Puppy Pick Up
  • If you are unable to collect the puppy by the agreed pickup date, a charge of $50 per day will apply to cover the costs of training, grooming, feeding, worming and extra care required

  • We can arrange transport at your own expense.  In the event that your puppy is lost or injured during transit, we will offer a refund equivalent to the cost of treatment required or in full if the puppy becomes deceased or lost.

Free Pet Insurance

  • We offer all new owners 4 weeks of free pet insurance effective after 1 day of purchase for injury or 14 days for sickness. 

Veterinary Bills
  • We do not pay any veterinary bills unless we have been consulted and agree to pay.



  • Your puppy has been vaccinated at 5 weeks with (C7) and at 7 weeks with (C6)


  • The next vaccination is at 12 weeks of age (C5)


  • Do not take your puppy to parks before the C5 Vaccination and protection after vaccination may take up to 10 days.


  • Avoid contact with unvaccinated animals during this time.


  • We do not de-sex our puppies. A de-sexing contract must be signed upon purchase of your puppy stating you will de-sex your puppy when they reach 6 months of age.

  • If for unforeseen circumstances, the puppy or dog is no longer wanted or able to be cared for, we the breeder will take the puppy or dog back and re-home to a suitable home. We the breeder will not refund the money.

Hereditary Defects

  • Our breeding dogs are selected based on health, temperament and low shedding qualities, not show quality.

  • We DNA test all our males and females and to the best of our knowledge and our efforts, our breeding dogs have been carefully selected from strong healthy stock, free of hereditary defects.

  • Although we have this measure in place, due to them being a biological species, we cannot guarantee that your dog will never encounter a problem.

Cross Breeding - Hybrid Vigour
  • The purpose of Purebred breeding is to establish and maintain stable traits that will be passed on from one generation to the next. 


  • Cross Breeding on the other hand involves mating animals from two separate breeds. This results in hybrid offspring which combines the qualities of the two different breeds.   It is important to note that hybrids can show ‘hybrid vigour’ which asserts that the offspring has a tendency to possess qualities which are superior to both of its parents. This results in the pup’s appearance changing, thereby growing larger, or smaller than the parent.


  • Designer dogs vary in appearance. Some pups may favour one parent or grandparent which can be much larger or smaller in size. There may also be slight differences in colour as the pup matures which may lead to lighter or greater shades of colour over time.


  • Multi-generational puppies are bred over many generations and generally tend to be more consistent in appearance. However, as a consequence of hybrid breeding we cannot guarantee the appearance of the pup as it reaches maturity. If you desire a pup with more consistent appearance and traits it is recommended you purchase from a breeder of purebred pedigree dogs.


Breeder Declaration and Guarantee


  • The Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses provides the purchaser with the following guarantee and return policy:

  • If the purchaser decides to return the above animal to this business within 3 days of sale, for any reason not supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, the business will take the animal back and refund 75% of the purchase price.


  • If the purchaser decides to return the above animal to this business within 21 days of sale accompanied by a statement from a veterinary practitioner that the animal is unacceptable for health reasons, the business will take the animal back and refund 100% of the purchase price.


  • If the animal is diagnosed with, suffering from, dies or is euthanised from a disease that is traceable to this business, within 3 years of purchase, the business will refund 100% of the purchase price where the owner of the animal provides supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner.

21 day Health Guarantee and 3 Year Genetic Guarantee
  • The 21 day Health Guarantee and 3 year Genetic Guarantee is a contract between Puppies Downunder and our customer.

  • If the puppy is sold by our customer to another party the guarantees will become void.


  • If you choose not to feed your puppy as per our Puppy Diet Guide your 21 day Health Guarantee will become void.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us on 0499 912 709


Thank you, Charlie, Sharron and the Team at Puppies Downunder

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