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Cavoodle Puppies
For Sale

F1 Toy Cavoodle Puppies for Sale


Soxy and Moose


 12 August 2023

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Finny and Timmy


 10 October 2023

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19 December 2023

F1 Cavoodle Puppies


Emma and Matt


 3 October 2023

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17 December 2023

F1B Cavoodle Puppies


Gemma and Matt


 8 October 2023

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17 December 2023

F1B Cavoodle Puppies


Perica and Timmy


 13 October 2023

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22 December 2023

F1B Toy Cavoodle Puppies

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What Do I Receive When I Purchase My Puppy?

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What you will receive when you purchase your puppy


Two vaccinations prior to sale

(C7 and C6)


Two health checks from our veterinarian




Worming and flea prevention


21-day health guarantee


3 year genetic guarantee


4 weeks free pet insurance with Knose Insurance


64g Vytrate Hydration Treatment

2Kg  Variety Shape Puppy Biscuits 


Puppy health record (includes important information about your puppy)


After-sales support that is world-class for the lifetime of your puppy.

DNA Genetic diseases and traits and

Parentage Verifcation reports - $149

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We provide our customers with the following 5 safeguards which entitles them to a 100% money back guarantee if it is found that their puppy is not healthy...


Shipping/Courier Services

Cavoodle Puppies

We have decades of experience and relationships with a number of the best transport organisations that ensure our puppies safely reach our customers in Australia and other countries.


Why Choose Your Puppy From Puppies Downunder?

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  • Government Approved Breeder

  • Over 45 years of knowlege and experience in canine health, biology, psychology, breeding and training

  • Breeding for Excellence in Health, Intelligence and Temperament.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • After-sale support and advice for the life-time of your puppy.

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one of our puppies?

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