Work At Puppies Downunder

Work for a world-leading animal welfare organisation, where everyone plays an important role in caring for and raising our animals.


Puppies Downunder is a place full of passionate employees who work across a diverse portfolio of roles.

All our staff members work to provide, amazing care for the animals that live at our facility.


Please visit the Job Search details below to apply for vacant positions, and/or register your details and select the job categories you would like to be notified for future vacancies.

For veterinary and high school work experience, please go to the Work Experience page below


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Skills Required



Being naturally compassionate, empathetic and having a love of animals not only means you are good at animal care — it means that you enjoy it. An innate ability to comfort and soothe goes a long way with distressed or anxious animals.

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Confidence around animals

Having confidence around animals is essential and can be achieved by having had a household pet, working in a pet shop or having experience with animals during your life. Reading an animal’s body language equips you with the skills to deal with situations before they arise.

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This one’s crucial because animals can be unpredictable, and they don’t always do what we want them to do. Many animals (especially captive animals) fear people, vets, and other animals and require carers with a calm nature.

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Being a team player with excellent communication skills is a critical element of this role. If you like to be surrounded by like-minded people with a common goal of bettering animals’ lives, you are in a strong position already.