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Thank you for visiting Puppies Downunder.

Our mission is to provide healthy and happy puppies from our home to yours in a professional and ethical manner.

We are a family owned business that has specialised in breeding dogs for more than four decades.

Concern for the health and well-being of our animals is paramount to our business model, and will always be chosen before profits.


‘Our animals are our passion and we do not do this as a part time exercise like many micro-breeders.

We dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to each and every one of our animals.


We are professional and ethical breeders who have the knowledge, resources and access to extensive bloodlines to improve animal welfare standards.


We have 14 employees who are well trained and experienced, and they each ensure our dogs receive fulfilling experiences and an excellent quality of life.’


We strongly advise purchasers to buy from specialist dog breeders and not from part-time breeders who allow their dogs to whelp unsupervised!

As a Commercial Dog Breeder, we must receive approval from the Chief Veterinary Office of Victoria in order to operate and are under one of Australia’s toughest animal welfare reforms!

The world-first law in Victoria puts an end to animal cruelty and imposes some of the toughest restrictions ever seen on animal welfare.

Puppies Downunder works closely with the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare Victoria to ensure full ongoing compliance with the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Business 2018.

As a Commercial breeder we must comply with the following requirements:

- Restrict numbers to no more than 50 fertile females
- Register with the local council as a domestic animal business
- Assist welfare officers to audit the premises upon request
- Educate and train staff and volunteers
- Ensure staff have appropriate qualifications
- Maintain a Health management plan for each breed of dog
- Maintain a Retirement plan for each dog
- Implement an exercise, enrichment, socialising and handling policy.

We have recently completed exciting renovations throughout our facility which includes a new whelping and rearing facility as well as an on site veterinary room, so that our animals are provided with only the best of care.


We are situated near Morwell in Victoria, on a spacious property with plenty of room for our animals to exercise and play.


We breed a variety of puppies, the breeds include:


Cavoodles (Cavapoos)






Our breeding dogs are selected based on health, temperament and low shedding quality, not show quality.

Please take some time to explore our website, if you have any further questions please visit our "contact us" page for details.


Charlie and Sharron Maddaluno

Puppies Downunder

Puppies Downunder

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