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The Hidden Costs of Owning a Puppy

At Puppies Downunder we take great pride in finding the right homes for our puppies!

Not only is it crucial that we find loving and suitable families for our little fluff balls but it is equally important that our customers understand the ongoing costs of raising a puppy and the responsibilities that comes with such a privilege.

It’s no joke now that purchasing a puppy now costs the same price as a second hand car! So it’s important that before you jump in with your emotions you first evaluate your financial situation before you act with your heart and proceed with a purchase.

Check your financial situation first by clicking on the following link and determining where your score on the financial well-being calculator.

Every puppy has different needs so it is quite a challenge to advise you what the exact costs of your puppy will be throughout it’s lifetime. However, as a rough guide we have put the following list together for you so you know what costs you can expect:

- Annual booster - $115

- Animal registration - $15 - $250 depending on concessions and de-sexing status

- Grooming - $45 - $75 (frequency between 6 weeks to 10 weeks) $360pa - $600pa

- Boarding costs - $40 - $60 per day ($280 - $420 per week)

- Pet insurance - $45 - $75 per month ($540 - $900pa)

- Simparica Trio (fleas, ticks, worms) - $55 every 5 weeks ($572pa)

- Puppy School - Between $100 - $250 for a block of training lessons

- Unplanned events such as illnesses and accidents or injuries can cost considerably so it is always wise to have insurance for your puppy in case the unexpected happens.

- High quality Food and Between $70 - $100 per month ($840 - $1200)

- Bedding, shampoo and conditioner, Toys and treats $250 - $500pa

Did you know? The annual average cost to care for your puppy can be anywhere between $2,800 - $4,150pa!

Start budgeting for your furry friend now by using the ‘plan your spend tool’ from ANZ Bank.

Owning a puppy is a long term commitment which requires love, time, energy and money. As a breeder of dogs for more than 45 years we have seen our share of tragedies and have heard countless stories from customers about accidents and unforeseeable events which have hit back pockets hard. We strongly encourage our customers to obtain pet insurance to protect their puppies so they may cover an unanticipated event if it arises. We would like our customers to note we receive a 10% commission from Knose pet insurance for all insurance policies taken up that have been referred by us. As it is in our interest to ensure all puppies which leave us are in the safest possible hands we will happily forego our commission by passing on the benefit by way of premium reduction to any of our customers that request it. Further information about Knose Pet Insurance may be found on the following link:

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