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Our Breeding Facility

Our facilities provide maximum comfort for play, sleep and feeding

Our facilities provide maximum comfort for play, sleep and feeding


Bonding time for Pebbles and Simply Red with their puppies

The Puppies Downunder Breeding facility is meticulously designed to align with the Victorian Government Code of Practice for the breeding and rearing of animals.

This accomplishment is a source of pride for us and has led to the approval by the Victorian Minister of Agriculture, the Honorable Mary-Anne Thomas MP, allowing us to operate as a Commercial dog breeder. Notably, this license, a pioneering initiative worldwide, serves as a crucial step in eliminating unethical breeding practices.

Our commitment to ethical standards is consistently verified through regular audits conducted by our local council, Latrobe City, and Animal Welfare Victoria, ensuring that our facility upholds the highest standards of care for our animals.

While our preference leans towards having our puppies and their parents reside in our home, complete with beds and linen, State Government regulations necessitate housing them in pens.

The consensus among authorities is that all pet owners should engage in crate training for their puppies upon bringing them home, akin to housing the animal in a pen.

Exciting renovations have recently been completed throughout our facility, featuring a new whelping and rearing facility, along with an on-site veterinary room. These enhancements ensure that our animals receive top-notch care.

Our facilities boast full insulation for dams and sires, maximizing privacy and comfort for play, sleep, and feeding.

We've structured daily programs with varied hours, facilitating training and socialization for our animals. This not only elevates the standard of animal care but is also crucial for their optimal psychological and physiological well-being.


Our daily programs are scheduled at various hours every day to provide our animals with training, and socialisation

Daily enrichment with Claire and Simply Red

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Our facilities are fully insulated for our dams and sires, providing maximum privacy and comfort for play, sleep and feeding


Our facility is regularly audited by our local council Latrobe City and Animal Welfare Victoria to ensure we are providing high ethical standards to our animals

Animal Welfare conducting their health checks

Animal Welfare conducting health checks..jpeg
Animal Welfare Victoria checks each and every animal to ensure they are all microchipped..
Animal Welfare conducting their audit..jpeg
Animal Welfare Victoria.jpeg
Animal Welfare visit.jpeg
Animal Welfare Victoria conducting their audit 2021..jpeg

Our establishment undergoes routine audits from both the local Latrobe City council and Animal Welfare Victoria to guarantee the utmost ethical standards in our care for animals.

This commitment is a source of pride for us, and we maintain the highest ethical standards globally, as previously mentioned.

Although our preference is for puppies and their parents to reside in our home, complete with beds and linen, State Government regulations mandate housing them in pens.

Numerous authorities advocate crate training for puppies upon bringing them home, akin to housing them in a pen, aligning with these standards.

Our new onsite veterinary clinic


Our new veterinary clinic


The surgery room in our new veterinary clinic

We have recently completed exciting renovations throughout our facility which includes a new whelping and rearing facility as well as an on site veterinary room, so that our animals are provided with only the best of care.

Socialisation and Enrichment

Our socialisation programs includes ‘enrichment’ which incorporates a number of activities designed not only for fun but to provide intellectual stimuli for each of our animals.

socialisation program.jpg
receive enrichment.jpeg

Our students assist us in providing our sires and dams with daily enrichment


The Puppies Downunder Breeding facility is designed to be fully compliant with the Victorian Government Code of Practice for the breeding and rearing of animals.


We provide our puppies and parents with spacious play yards

our home.jpg

Whilst we would prefer to have our puppies and their parents live in our home with beds and linen, the requirements of the State Government require us to home them in pens

Why Choose your puppy from Puppies Downunder?

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Puppies Downunder has received approval from the Victorian Minister for Agriculture to engage in breeding, thanks to our unwavering commitment to professionalism and ethical standards.

The honorable Mary-Anne Thomas MP, the Victorian Minister for Agriculture, granted us breeding approval based on the recommendation from the Chief Veterinary Officer of Animal Welfare Victoria.

Our dedication extends beyond breeding; we offer world-class after-sales support throughout your puppy's lifetime.

With abundant resources, we prioritize the care, training, and socialization of our animals. Collaborating closely with Animal Welfare Victoria and the RSPCA, we uphold the highest standards of animal welfare.  As industry leaders, we proudly boast the world's highest ethical standards.

As second-generation dog breeders with over 50 years of experience, we focus on breeding puppies for health, intelligence, temperament, and hypoallergenic qualities. Our meticulous parent selection ensures suitability for all types of families, including first-time pet owners, seniors, and those seeking assistance dogs for various conditions.

We encourage prospective owners to meet the puppy's parents and witness the birthplace firsthand.

As responsible breeders, we provide Genetic and Health Guarantees for every puppy, along with 4 weeks of Free Pet Insurance.

Feel free to call or text us to schedule an appointment and welcome the newest member of your family.

What Breeds do we specialise in ?

Puppies Downunder specialise in the following breeds







Our breeding dogs are selected based on health, temperament and low shedding quality, not show quality.

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