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Our Corporate Office

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Puppies Downunder is excited to announce it will be opening a new corporate office in Surrey Hills NSW.

Our team of animal consultants will be available to service our NSW customer base. We will provide expert advice on what breed is most suitable for your lifestyle and family dynamic. Our primary focus will be on finding the right puppy for you that has the most suitable temperament and energy levels.

Our Breeding Facility

Our breeding facility is located in Victoria Australia. It is proudly licensed as a commercial breeder with the State Government of Victoria and currently has the highest breeding standards in the country. We will source a puppy for you that comes from genetic bloodlines free of disease and hereditary issues. Our puppies come with 3 year refundable health guarantees from the point of sale. This is mandated as law in Victoria and is a condition of our license with the State Government of Victoria.

How We Operate


We operate to provide our NSW customers with a point of contact to help them find a puppy suitable for them. Customer service is our primary focus. Our consultants will ask a number of questions to understand your needs and identify a suitable puppy for you. We will connect our customers to our expert team of animal handlers in Victoria to view the puppy and parents via video conferencing, videos and photos.    


Please note our NSW office accepts telephone calls and mail only. At this time we do not offer face to face appointments. Visits to our Victorian breeding facility to meet your puppy and parents can be facilitated by appointment only.  

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Why We Are different?


We are registered as a commercial breeder with the State Government of Victoria. Socialisation and enrichment of our animals is important to us.

We aim to provide our puppies and adult dogs with opportunities to meet with different people and dogs away from our facility. We take our dogs for day trips to the beach, rivers, and towns. We take them for outgoings in cars and boats and where possible to events with fireworks and crowds. We take our pups and adult dogs regularly to outgoings in the town to get them used to the busy hustle and bustle that they are likely to encounter when they leave for their new homes.

Why Buy from Puppies Downunder?


  1. We breed puppies for families

  2. We take pride in honoring our health guarantees and warranty

  3. We have a veterinary clinic on site and a vet on hand to help us ensure our animals are healthy and suitable to breed and to be sold

  4. Socialisation and enrichment of our animals is important to us  

  5. Our breeding facility is state of the art and is compliant with the Victorian Code of practice

  6. We breed for the love of animals and motivation for profit is to provide our team with a job they can love

  7. We have worked hard on our 5 star Google Reviews and pride ourselves on our integrity and customer focus.

What Breeds Do We Specialise In?













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