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Mini Labradoodle Breeder

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Labradoodles

As a leading Australian mini labradoodle breeder, the team at Puppies Downunder hear quite a few questions about our puppies and the breed in general. We absolutely adore mini labradoodles, and we take advantage of any opportunity to share our love of them with others. That’s why we’ve put together some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about mini labradoodles, so you can learn everything there is to know about this cuddly, adorable breed. 

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What Is A Mini Labradoodle? 

A mini labradoodle is a mix between a labrador retriever and a miniature poodle, and it creates a small-medium sized dog with the trainability and temperament of a labrador retriever and the coat, intelligence, and trainability of a poodle. Their beautiful, calm temperament and high intelligence make mini labradoodles ideal candidates for therapy pets and service dogs for individuals with autism, PTSD, diabetes, and other disabilities. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Labradoodles


If you have any questions about our mini labradoodle puppies for sale, check to see if we’ve answered them for you right here. 

How big do they grow? 

A mini labradoodle will typically grow to 30-45cm in height and around 10-15kg in weight, so they stay relatively small.

What kind of person is best suited to a mini labradoodle?

Labradoodles love to play, and they can socialise well with other animals and people of all age groups, so they’re an ideal breed for a range of people and families. From elderly couples to families with small children, the mini labradoodle will fit right in. 


Do mini labradoodles shed? 

That all depends on their coat. If a mini labradoodle has a wool coat, the tight curls will catch any dander, fur, and dirt, thereby minimising shedding and reducing allergies. However, wool coats are high-maintenance and require brushing every day. 



Do mini labradoodles have a low-maintenance coat?

It all depends on the type of coat your mini labradoodle has. Fleece and hair coats are very low maintenance, but wool coats are pretty high-maintenance. 

How active are mini labradoodles? 

They have a pretty moderate level of activity, and they enjoy 30-60 minutes of exercise per day as well as playtime and mental enrichment. You’ll also find that mini labradoodles love the water, so if you take your puppy to the beach, lake, or pool, they’ll love splashing around. 

Are there any health concerns we should keep an eye out for? 

Mini labradoodles are a crossbreed, so they have very diverse genetics making them less likely to develop genetic diseases. However, progressive rod-cone degeneration, Von Willebrand’s disease, and degenerative myelopathy are the primary genetic diseases in labradoodles. They may also develop hip or elbow dysplasia if over-exercised or overfed. Labradoodles have adorable long ears, but this means they are prone to dirty ears and ear infections, do their ears need to be checked regularly.

Why do I have to wait until ten weeks to take my puppy home? 

From birth to 8 weeks, puppies benefit from valuable socialisation time with their siblings and mother. They aren’t ready to leave the mother before eight weeks, and removing them earlier can create behavioural issues such as anti-social behaviour, separation anxiety, and nervousness. Anyone advertising a mini labradoodle for sale before eight weeks old isn’t an ethical breeder, so be wary. At eight weeks, the Puppies Downunder team has the puppies desexed, so they’ll be ready to come home with you after they’ve recovered. 

How should I go about crate training? 

We get it; you want to cuddle your puppy every second of the day including at night. However, not crate training your puppy may be doing more harm than good. Puppies that aren’t crate trained don’t learn independence and may develop unhealthy attachments. We suggest introducing your puppy to their crate throughout their first day, enticing them with treats and making sure they associate the space with positivity. Open the crate door throughout the day, so your puppy can retreat to their safe space whenever they feel the need. Make sure your puppy has a separate area to go to the bathroom at night. Dogs don’t like sleeping in their own waste (and honestly, we don’t either!), so make sure their crate is large enough for a sleeping area and a toilet area. The first few nights, your puppy might cry a little bit, but they will gradually get used to sleeping on their own, and it’s far better for them in the long term. 

Where can I find a mini labradoodle for sale? 

If you’re looking for an Australian mini labradoodle for sale, you’ve come to the right place! Puppies Downunder are an ethical mini labradoodle breeder, and we take great pride in our high-quality breeding facilities and our commitment to providing a safe, comfortable home for our dogs. 

A Few Ideas To Help You Provide Mental Enrichment For Your Mini Labradoodle Puppy

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive pertain to keeping mini labradoodles entertained. They have incredibly high intelligence and need to be kept mentally stimulated; otherwise, they can become bored, stubborn, and destructive. So we’ve put together a few ideas to help you create mentally enriching activities for your mini labradoodle. 

  • Make them work for their food. Dogs with high intelligence love a challenge, and they love working for their food. You can either purchase puzzle or interactive feeders such as snuffle mats or Kong toys, or you can create your own DIY slow feeder bowl. We suggest having a few different puzzles in varying difficulty levels, so your puppy is always mentally stimulated at dinner time. 

  • Think of a retrieving game. The labrador retriever in your labradoodle will have an instinct to retrieve, and the poodle side will have an instinct to hunt, so try to incorporate these traits into games.

  • Play a hide and seek game with toys and treats to let them use their natural instincts. 

  • Licking mats. Silicone licking mats are a fantastic way to keep your dog entertained. Smear some peanut butter, wet food, or baby food on the mat and pop it into the freezer. Once frozen, get it out and give it to your puppy to lick for a refreshing summer treat.

  • Problem-solving toys. You can buy or make plenty of toys that encourage your puppy to solve a problem before receiving treats as a reward. For example, grab a muffin tray, some treats, and some tennis balls. Put treats in a couple of the openings and block them all with tennis balls. Your dog will need to snuffle and work out which balls have treats underneath.

  • Another great DIY idea is to tie a milk carton to a string. Cut a slot in the bottle and fill it with food or treats, and let your dog bat it around to get the treats out. It’ll keep them busy for quite some time.

  • Let your dog explore on your walks. Dogs who are allowed to sniff and explore on their walk are far more stimulated than dogs that just walk.

  • If you’re trying to teach your puppy control and discipline, try creating a command for sniff time so they can explore for a little while and tire themselves out. 

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If You’re Looking For A Mini Labradoodle For Sale In Australia, Choose Ethical Mini Labradoodle Breeder Puppies Downunder

At Puppies Downunder, the health and wellbeing of our animals is our highest priority. Dogs are our passion, and we dedicate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to their care. We’re the experts in our field, and with over 45 years of experience in breeding, raising, and training dogs, you can rest assured that your puppy is coming from a place dedicated to its enrichment and care. We’re proud to say that Puppies Downunder is one of the only commercial dog breeders approved by the Minister for Agriculture due to our immensely high professionalism and ethical behaviour standards. In fact, we have the highest ethical standards of any dog breeder globally. We offer lifetime support for families adopting puppies from our facility, so you can always feel confident knowing we’re here for you. If you’re looking for an ethical mini labradoodle breeder, get in touch with the team at Puppies Downunder today. 

Labradoodle Puppy
Labradoodle Puppy
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