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RSPCA Buyers Guide to

Purchasing a Puppy


Follow the RSPCA ‘Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide' to find a healthy and well adjusted puppy.  

Avoid buying from a puppy farmer or an irresponsible breeder by only buying if the breeder follows these 10 steps: 


They plan ahead and aim to find good homes for every puppy they breed.

Puppies Downunder plans each pregnancy, and will only breed when there is enough demand to find good homes for each puppy bred. We ensure mothers do not have more than five litters over their entire life. If we are unable to find a new owner suitable for our puppies we will wait until the right one can be found or we will adopt them as our very own.



They provide a high standard of care and living conditions for all their dogs.

We encourage all our buyers to attend our premises and see for themselves where their puppy was born. Meet the parents and view our facilities for cleanliness and space. Check out our processes and watch our trained staff as they exercise, play with and train our puppies and adult dogs. We provide our customers with comprehensive information regarding how to feed their puppy before they take it home. Records regarding veterinary health checks, microchipping, vaccinations, treatment of worms and fleas are provided. Watch our puppies and dogs and see how they behave. You’ll find they are friendly and well socialised.



Are Genuinely concerned about the welfare of their dogs

We want the best for each of our puppies and our adult dogs. We are very selective who we sell our puppies to and will decline to sell to a new owner if they do not satisfy our criteria. Our retired adult dogs are re-homed to New beginnings or are adopted internally by our staff or by ourselves. We do not release our puppy until the age of 10 weeks and we provide four weeks of free pet insurance with each puppy sold. We provide information to our customers about diet, socialisation, registration, and medications or vaccinations required in the future.



Are open to questions and provide a complete history of the puppy

We welcome our customers to ask questions and inspect registration and veterinary records of the puppy they are purchasing. We provide information re background, size, breed and temperament of parents. We only breed with dogs that exhibit high levels of intelligence, health, and temperament.


Make sure that you will suit the puppy and the puppy will suit you.

Buyer beware! A new puppy is a long-term commitment and it comes with a long list of things you must do to care for it properly. We will ask you questions to ensure it is right puppy for you. Do you have children or other animals? Where will the puppy sleep? Will the puppy be left on its own? We will advise on the personality of the pup and how much space and exercise it requires.



Breed to produce happy, healthy pets, free from known genetic disorders

We breed designer dogs to produce a lineage that is hypoallergenic, and a low-shedding family dog. Our dogs live longer than most breeds and are extremely outgoing and seldom shy. They can be trained easily and can learn new skills and behaviors quickly. They are great for mental health and emotional support. We screen for genetic disease and traits prior to breeding. We will not breed from dogs that have known disorders or anatomic problems that are likely to passed on to their pups. We breed to enhance health, welfare and temperament before appearance.



Provide ongoing support and information to new owners

We provide after-sales support to all our customers through-out the lifetime of the puppy. We strongly encourage all our buyers to contact us if they have any questions about caring for their puppy.



Provide a guarantee

We provide a health guarantee for the first 21 days of sale when the puppy is returned to us due to health reasons. We will refund 100% of the buyers money back. In addition, if the dog is diagnosed with a disease traced back to the point of sale within 3 years of purchase we will refund 100% of the purchase price back. And where the new puppy and owner cannot get on we will work together to find a solution or find a new home.



Provide references on request

Our Veterinarian provides regular examinations for all our adult dogs and puppies, and we consult with them on a regular basis throughout the breeding process. Our veterinarian provides a certification each year that we have met the requirements of the code as responsible dog breeders and meet the conditions for animal care and welfare. We have a 4.9 star Google rating and have many positive testimonials posted on our web page which we encourage you to read.



Meet all their legal requirements

We are are registered with the Latrobe City shire as a Domestic animal business. We comply with the code and requirements set by the Domestic Animal Act and have received approval by the Victorian Minister of Agriculture to operate as a Commercial Breeder.

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