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Why we don't advertise on Gumtree or Trading Post

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We do not support the practices of unethical breeders which profit from selling puppies.

An article published by Animals Australia in September 2020 argues that unethical puppy breeders sell online using classified platforms such as Gumtree and Trading Post without scrutiny by any overarching body. This means they can sell puppies online without having to meet any level of animal welfare standard, or with regard to the manner or conditions which adult dog’s or puppies have been bred.

We support Animals Australia’s view on selling puppies online. Due to our values and high standards we are of the view that advertising on these platforms would encourage more unethical breeders to sell puppies online. The flow of consumers to these platforms would in turn create an incentive for unethical breeders which operate in unregulated jurisdictions to further profit from substandard practices.

We highly recommend that before you purchase a puppy verify the integrity and authenticity of the breeders by either meeting on FaceTime first and subsequently attending the premises to meet the parents and puppies if practicable. The integrity of the breeder can be assessed by contacting the local council and asking them to advise about the standards of the practice. If they are a registered breeder they should be on a first name basis with the local laws team.

Please refer the following RSPCA guidelines for further information about selling puppies on the Trading Post and Gumtree.

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