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Why we charge a premium fee for our puppies

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Puppies Downunder
Puppies Downunder

We charge a premium because we set a very high standard for animal health and well-being and go beyond the requirements imposed on us by the Victorian State Government.

We strongly focus on health, intelligence, temperament and hypo-allergenic qualities.

We believe we can do it better than others based on 45 years of acquiring the best bloodlines that emphasise these qualities.

We also believe we are better resourced than others as we are a commercial breeder which licenses us to breed with up to 50 females that have been carefully selected over the years.

As responsible and ethical breeders, we ensure we provide our animals with the best care possible at all times.

We have recently established our own on site veterinary clinic and surgery for our vet so he can perform any procedures or surgeries as they arise.

We also employ 15 employees to cater for the socialisation and enrichment requirements for all our puppies and adult dogs. This means that when the puppies leave our facility at 10 weeks they have been well cared for and loved since birth by our staff and family.

This positive experience results in excellent health and forms the beautiful temperament they have developed by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.

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