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Why Puppies Downunder are "True'' Ethical Breeders

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We find ourselves in a market that is subject to heavy regulation.

There have been major changes to this industry that have placed a significant regulatory burden on all puppy breeding operators. Barriers to entry are now extremely high due to costs to satisfy infrastructure and compliance requirements.

We find ourselves well placed in this time of change as we have always invested our profits back into infrastructure and into our dogs, ensuring they have a healthy, safe and loving environment to live in.

We seek to promote responsible breeding of puppies and restore the tarnished reputation of an industry that has diminished credit-ability. We love our dogs and we have always aimed to provide an environment for them that nurtres their behavioral, social and physiological needs.

Pet Shops in Victoria were banned from selling puppies on 1 July 2018 which has resulted in buyers obtaining puppies directly from the breeder. This was aimed at reducing opportunities gained by unethical breeders and uneducated retailers who exploit the welfare of the animal so that they may profit from sale.

Puppies Downunder has been regarded as an Ethical Breeder by the Animal Welfare Victoria's Chief Veterinary Officer who has the important role of strengthening Victoria's animal health, welfare and biosecurity standards.

We have also received positive support from our Latrobe City Shire and Mayor Sharon Gibson as well as our local Member of Parliament The Hon. Russell Northe.

We welcome the public to come view our facilities and judge for themselves whether they consider us to be a ‘True’ ethical breeder.

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