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Our Rehoming Program

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

#PuppiesDownunder and #NewBeginnings Animal Rescue have worked together finding homes for our retired dogs over a period that spans more than 15 years.

#PuppiesDownunder retire their dams after 5 litters and sires at the age of 7. If they are not adopted by our 14 staff, we call on Krystal from #Newbeginnings to help us find a loving home for them.

It is a great privilege to work with Krystal who is the founder of this non-profit organisation. She has helped us find many loving homes for our retired dams and sires.

At #NewBeginnings, their purpose is to rehome, save and rehabilitate animals from breeding establishments, pounds and shelters.

This not for profit organisation pays for veterinary costs themselves. They pay for food, toys, beds and many other things to make the animal’s life more comfortable.

They send the animal to a foster home to be assessed, and until a suitable home can be found for them.

They take the animal to their own homes, and they treat them as their own. They train them and socialise them. And they also pay this from their own pockets and the donations they raise.

This organisation needs your support to keep going and so they can meet the costs of helping these animals.

Please give generously.

Click On the following link to learn more:

Puppies Downunder
Puppies Downunder

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