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Is Puppies Downunder a Puppy Farm?

What is a Puppy Farm?

The RSPCA defines a puppy farm or a puppy mill as a puppy factory where animals live in appalling conditions. Examples include dogs that live in overcrowded and filthy environments without proper veterinary care, and animals that are permanently confined in small cages never allowed out for a walk or to be socialised.

Puppies Downunder was approved in early 2020 by the Minister of Agriculture based on the recommendation of the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria to operate as a commercial dog breeder. This was based on the finding that Puppies Downunder was fully compliant with the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Domestic Animals Regulation 2015 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986

The Hon Mary-Anne Thomas MP
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What is a Commercial dog breeder?

On 10 April 2020 the Victorian Government commenced the commercial dog breeder (CDB) scheme for dog breeders who wish to keep between 11-50 fertile female dogs on its premises. Animal Welfare Victoria has set out the requirements to be eligible to receive a commercial dog breeder license which are specified in the links below:

Do we breed dogs for profit?

We were granted the rare privilege of being selected by the State Government of Victoria as a role model among breeders to represent the future of the dogs we breed.

The new code of practice for a commercial dog breeder mandates an exhaustive list of measures which must be complied with. To name only a few, it requires that staff be employed to train, socialise and enrich the animals, and ensure all animals obtain the minimum exercise requirements which is at least 60 minutes per day. We believe these additional requirements are necessary to ensure the welfare of animals are protected. However, as a commercial breeder the cost of running a business is compounded by these additional costs which contributes to the increase in the prices that must be charged for our puppies.

Furthermore, unlike many small breeders we declare 100% of our revenue from puppy sales. We are registered for GST and we pay our fair share of taxes on any profits we derive. This also adds to the cost of raising a puppy.

In other states there are no limits on the number of dogs kept and no restriction on how many times a female can be bred. Dog breeding is not a business activity and many derive significant revenue with no adherence to rules or legislative requirements.

Why breed doodles?:

Our Mission states ‘We Breed for health, temperament and for hypoallergenic qualities’.

The following article is an excellent resource for understanding the health differences between purebred and mixed breeds.

Why buy from us?

Puppies Downunder have over 45 years of breeding knowledge and a wide resource of healthy bloodlines that ensures diversity. All dogs bred are testament to great health, and temperament. Our team of specialists provide our customers with lifetime support.

We hope we shared some insight into the latest measures introduced to help clean up this industry and put an end to terrible practices that for so long have existed in the shadows.

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