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The Spoodle

What is Spoodle? 

A Spoodle is a mixed breed consisting of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. 

These two breeds together create an active family dog that is smaller than an Aussiedoodle or a Bordoodle, has the energy of Cocker Spaniel and has the intelligence, trainability and low shedding coat of a Poodle. 

The Spoodle's Temperament

Spoodles are affectionate, energetic, playful, friendly and  loyal.

They are very sociable and friendly which when combined with proper socalisation and training, get along with all age groups of people, other dogs and cats.

Spoodles are hyperactive which makes them perfect for people who love to exercise. Spoodles also are intelligent which means they need plenty of mental stimulation to prevent boredom.

Spoodles and Health


Spoodles have diverse genetics due to being a mixed breed.

This makes them less likely to develop genetic disease when bred by a responsible breeder who genetically tests the parents.


The main genetic diseases that can appear in Spoodles are: 

  • PRA – Progressive Rod Cone degeneration of the eyes, this comes from the genes of the Poodle. 

  • Degenerative Myelopathy – This disease causes a progressive degeneration of the spinal cord in older dogs, this occurs in both poodles and CKC Spaniels. 


Puppies Downunder conduct full breed profile genetic testing on all our sires and dams. We carefully select which dogs we breed together and only breed from Clear to Carrier or from Clear to Clear. 




Spoodles have long ears and can sometimes have fur growth inside which comes from the poodle making them more prone to dirty ears and ear infections.

Always check your Spoodle's ears for any foul smells or buildup of debris as well plucking out any fur that is growing inside the ear and clean them when needed.  

If you suspect your Spoodle has an ear infection take your Spoodle to the Veterinarian for advice on treatment. 



Spoodles can develop Progressive Rod Cone degeneration (PRA) or cataracts. Check your Spoodle’s eyes on a regular basis and if you notice anything of concern, take your Spoodle to your Veterinarian. 


Hips and Knees 

Spoodles can develop Hip Dysplasia although this is uncommon, this is most likely to happen due to improper nutrition, not enough exercise or too much exercise.


Luxating Patella (Slipping Kneecaps) is more common in toy Spoodles; this causes your Spoodle’s knee to slip out of the joint and has a grading system on the severity of it. Seek veterinarian advice if you suspect you Spoodle has either of these conditions. 

Liver Disease

Spoodles are more predisposed to developing two types of liver disease; Copper Toxicosis and Chronic Active Hepatitis. If you notice your Spoodle displaying any symptoms such as weight loss, increased thirst, vomiting, seizures etc. Take your Spoodle to your veterinarian.

What size do Spoodles grow to? 

Spoodle are a mixed breed so they don’t have a set breed standard of size; the size can vary due to the generation and the parents of the dog. If you’re unsure what size your puppy will grow to ask to see the parents to get an idea of the size..


Our Spoodle puppies at Puppies Downunder have a size range of:


Height: 30 - 40cms

Weight: 8-14kg



Height: 45 - 45cms

Weight: 14-17kg

Do Spoodles Shed? 

This varies depending on which breed/parent they take  after as well as the individual puppy’s coat.


There are 3 coat variations as well as single and double coats. 



A single coat of densely packed curls 


A single or double coat with waves


A double coat with a wiry top coat on top of a fuzzy undercoat. 


Single Coat 

No undercoat 

Double Coat 

Top coat and Undercoat 


All dogs shed their old fur so new fur can grow in, and all dogs produce dander (dead skin cells). Depending on the kind of the coat the dog has deems it less or more likely to trigger allergies.   

What is the Best Coat for Allergy Sufferers?  


Dogs with a wool (curly) single coat are more suitable for those suffering with allergies. These coats have the lowest allergens due to curls that catch dander and are low shedding. Dogs with wool single coats shed slowly and their curls help trap hairs as they fall out.  


These coats are high maintenance requiring daily brushing. This should be done with a high-quality slicker brush which helps detangle surface hair and remove dander, dirt and debris.   


Low Maintenance Coats  


If allergies are not an issue and a low maintenance coat, is preferred, a fleece or hair coat would be most suitable.  


This type of coat is average to low shedding due to undercoat hairs falling out and new ones coming in.   

How Active are Spoodles? 

Spoodles have a high activity level. They require daily 30 to 60 minute walks, lots of playtime and mental enrichment to prevent them from being bored.

As adults they make the perfect jogging partner since they love to go on running marathons.

Spoodle Breeder

A Few Things You Mightn’t Have Known About Spoodles

Spoodles are a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, which creates an energetic, intelligent little puppy that looks just like a teddy bear. Their friendly, playful nature has made them an incredibly popular dog breed, and if you’re thinking about adopting a little spoodle into your family, you won’t be disappointed. At Puppies Downunder, we believe that people should be well informed about the breed of dog they’re bringing home. As an ethical spoodle breeder, we’ve put together a bit of information on the lovable breed, so you know exactly what to expect from your new furry friend. 


The History Of The Spoodle

Like all mixed -oodle breeds, it can be difficult to trace the origins of the spoodle, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got an interesting history. 

  • The cocker spaniel’s history. The spaniel is a hunting dog that dates back to the 16th century. They were primarily used for hunting birds such as waterfowl, as they were brilliant at finding nests. 

  • The poodle’s history. Poodles originated from Germany sometime in the 15th century as a hunting, farming, guarding, and retrieving dog. Before long, the French began breeding poodles to be more docile, house dogs. However, they retained their keen intelligence and still to this day remain one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. 

  • Spoodles were designed for allergy sufferers. All -oodle or doodle dogs originated sometime in the mid-late 20th century when the idea to create a dog for visually impaired pet owners with allergies. The labradoodle was bred soon after, and before too long, there were dozens of -oodle breeds, including one of the original -oodles, the spoodle. 

  • They’re still bred as service dogs. Spoodles are empathetic, gentle-natured dogs and these traits combined with high intelligence make them the ideal service dog. 


Fun Facts About Spoodles

While you might know the essentials of the breed and you’re ready to look for a spoodle for sale, here are a few fun facts you might want to know about your newest family member. 

  • They’re great competition dogs. Spoodles are one of the most successful breeds in dog shows and competitions. Their high intelligence and bundles of energy make them easy to train and incredibly agile, so if you’re looking for a competition dog, we’d suggest searching for spoodle puppies for sale. 

  • They’re low-shedding. Spoodles with a wool coat have tight curls that catch hair, dander, and dirt, so they’re ideal for people with allergies. For those looking for a puppy with a low-maintenance coat, spoodles can also have fleece or hair coats, which require far less upkeep than wool coats.  

  • Spoodles are one of the smallest -oodle breeds in the world. People living in apartments often look for a spoodle for sale in Australia due to their small stature. They typically have a height of around 30-45cm and a weight of 8-17kg, depending on the parent dogs. 

  • They come in a range of different colours. Spoodles can be apricot, black, red, white, cream, and chocolate. If you prefer a particular colour, let the breeder know to keep you on a waitlist, and they’ll call you when a puppy is born of that colour. 

  • Spoodles have very few genetic diseases. As they are a crossbreed, spoodles benefit from heterosis, or hybrid vigour, which means the chances of inheriting a genetic defect are decreased, and they will typically live longer than either of the parent purebreds. 

  • They don’t smell. If you don’t like dog smell, you won’t have to worry about that with a spoodle. Their curly hair stays clean, and with regular brushing and the occasional wash, your puppy will smell great all the time. 

  • Famous spoodles. There are a few Hollywood names that love spoodles so much that they adopted them into their families! Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Jensen Ackles, Billy Joe Armstrong, Ashley Judd, Lena Dunham, and Carley Stensen are all proud owners of spoodles (or as they’re known in the US, cockapoos). 


Tips To Keep Your Spoodle Happy And Healthy

Everyone wants to give their puppy the best in life, so the Puppies Downunder team has a few tips to help you do just that. 

  • Plenty of exercise. Spoodles are very high energy, which comes from their cocker spaniel heritage. Therefore, they need 30-60 minute walks daily and plenty of playtime and attention. While they’re great apartment dogs, they do require space to run around and let out their pent-up energy, otherwise they’ll quickly turn to barking, chewing, or destructive behaviours instead. If you can’t take them on long walks, try doing a shorter walk but allowing for plenty of sniff time. Dogs who are allowed to sniff and explore become far more tired than dogs who just walk. 

  • Mental stimulation. Due to their high intelligence, spoodles need mental stimulation throughout the day. There are plenty of ways you can provide stimulation and entertainment for your puppy.

    • Training. Spoodles love to learn, and they thrive when given regular training sessions. So once they’ve mastered the essentials of sit, stay, lie down, and rollover, why not teach them something a little more advanced? They’re definitely intelligent enough to handle it!

    • Hide and seek. Start off by hiding somewhere in the house and calling out to your puppy to find you. Once they’ve mastered that, start hiding treats or toys around the house and let your puppy sniff and seek them out. It’s fantastic mental stimulation and will keep them entertained for a while. 

    • Engaging toys. You can buy snuffle mats, Kong toys, or interactive toys to keep your puppy entertained and stimulated. If you don’t want to spend too much money on toys, try making your own at home with old bottles, clothes, or cardboard. 

    • Make them work for dinner. Spoodles love to use their brains, so you can make dinner a more enriching experience by making them work for it. Hide food around the house and have them seek it or serve their dinner in a bowl or toy they have to chew or open. 

    • Change up their toys. Keep their toys in a few separate containers or bins and change them out every few days, so your puppy doesn’t become bored with the selection on offer. They’ll be far more likely to get the most from their toys if you vary the selection every now and then.  

  • Keep them well-groomed. Spoodles with wool coats will need to be brushed every day, but fleece or hair coats can get away with brushing once a week. Spoodles can have very sensitive skin, so we’d suggest using a gentle shampoo and conditioner when giving them a bath. You’ll also probably need to book them in for a regular trim to keep them looking well-kept. 

  • Be careful what you feed them. Spoodles have notoriously sensitive tummies, so be careful what you choose to feed them. Try not to mix up their diet too much, and if you’re thinking of feeding them new foods, let them try a little bit first and see how they react. 

If You’re Looking For Spoodle Puppies For Sale In Australia, Contact The Ethical Breeders At Puppies Downunder Today

At Puppies Downunder, the health and wellbeing of our animals is our highest priority. Dogs are our passion, and we dedicate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to their care. We’re the experts in our field, and with over 45 years of experience in breeding, raising, and training dogs, you can rest assured that your puppy is coming from a place dedicated to its enrichment and care.

We’re proud to say that Puppies Downunder is one of the only commercial dog breeders approved by the Minister for Agriculture due to our immensely high standards for professionalism and ethical behaviour. In fact, we have the highest ethical standards of any dog breeder in the world. We offer lifetime support for families adopting puppies from our facility, so you can always feel confident knowing that we’re here for you. If you’re looking for an ethical spoodle breeder, get in touch with the team at Puppies Downunder today. 

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