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The Aussiegroodle

What is an Aussiegroodle?

Puppies Downunder is excited to announce the introduction of the ‘Aussie-Groodle’.
The Aussie-Groodle brings together three breeds to create the perfect companion for any family. With almost half a century of breeding experience and the best minds in animal breeding we are proud to deliver a beautiful blend of some of the most well tempered dog breeds.

The Australian Shepherd 

The Australian Shepherd is known for it’s remarkable intelligence, energy and marvelous array of markings. They are wonderfully affectionate and are always eager to please.

The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever introduces a very docile demeanor into this mix. This breed is gentle, friendly and very loving. They are intelligent and are very tolerant which makes them excellent for first time pet owners.

The Poodle

Combining the Poodle into this mix provides for an impressive breed of dog that ranks among the top two of most intelligent dog breeds in the world. It’s hypoallergenic coat helps minimise shedding caused by the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever, and it’s tight curls flow through to emphasise the result of a beautiful coat. The smaller size of the Poodle not only reduces the size of the breed making them suitable for families with young children, but it improves the overall health of the breed by reducing weight which over time can be attributed to problems with joint, spine and hip issues.

The injection of the Poodle into this mix truly brings beautiful balance to the breed.


This makes the Aussie-Groodle the ideal choice for any family.

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