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 Our Happy Customers

Meet some of our happy customers who have adopted adorable puppies

from Puppies Downunder.

Maysam puppy.jpeg
Maysam's Cavoodle Puppy

Maysam with her adorable Cavoodle  puppy

Geri labradoodle puppy.jpeg
Geri's Labradoodle Puppy

Geri with her Labradoodle puppy

Niki with one of Kiwis Labradoodle puppies.jpeg
Niki's Labradoodle Puppy

Niki with her Labradoodle puppy from Kiwis litter

Allan groodle 2022.jpeg
Allan's Groodle Puppy

Allan and partner with their Groodle puppy.

Hema Darcy Groodle.jpeg
Hema's Groodle Puppy

Hema and partner with their Groodle puppy from Darcy's litter.

Khazal Pearlie's Bordoodle.jpeg
Khazal's Bordoodle Puppy

Khazal's Bordoodle from Pearlie's litter.

Jake with his puppy from Jans Spoodle litter.jpeg
Jake 's Spoodle puppy

Jake and his ptr with their puppy from Jans Spoodle litter

Malcolm and family with their Cavoodle puppy from Emmas litter
Malcolm's Cavoodle Puppy

Malcolm and family with their Cavoodle puppy from Emmas litter

Andrew and Leah with Kiwi labradoodle puppy.jpg
Andrew and Leah's Labradoodle Puppy

Andrew and Leah with Kiwi's Labradoodle puppy

Ben's Aussiedoodle Puppy
Ben's Aussiedoodle puppy

Ben and his partner with their new Aussiedoodle Puppy from Dababy's litter

Daniel and Rebecca with their adorable Cavoodle puppy from Tinkabell's litter.

Thanks Koco and Leah for purchasing a Groodle puppy from Puffin and Stan’s Litter. 

Thanks Zahli for purchasing an F1 Spoodle puppy from Patty and Stan’s Litter. 

Rachel Jan and Ben's F1B Spoodle Puppy.jpeg
Rachel's F1B Spoodle Puppy

Rachel and her adorable F1B Spoodle puppy from Jan and Ben's litter.

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