Male Bordoodle  Puppy for Sale


(Borpoo, Borderdoodle, Borderpoo, Border Poodle)  

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956000002449106 Male
Male Bordoodle Puppy
956000002449106 Male
Male Bordoodle Puppy
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Parents can be viewed upon request

     Mothers: Border Collie

     Fathers:  Poodle

Will grow to approx:

Height: 30-40cm at the shoulder


Bordoodles are a hybrid cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle making them highly intelligent, very tolerant with children and an ideal companion for all age groups.


Our puppies have been raised in a loving environment and have shown their sweet nature when playing with our grandchildren.

Given the Bordoodle's highly intelligent nature, they are also suitable to be trained as therapy pets for those with Autism and PTSD, assistance dogs for those living with a wide range of disabilities as well as diabetic alert dogs

Bordoodles are hypoallergenic low shedding breeds making them suitable for some allergy sufferers.


The father of this puppy has been DNA tested for Progressive Rod–Cone De-generation (PRCD-PRA) with all clear results.


Your puppy will have the following treatments prior to joining your family.




Flea Prevention Treatment

Full vet-check

We offer 100% money back health guarantee on the health of your puppy within the first 21 days

6 weeks free Pet Insurance with Petplan.


Interstate shipping at buyer's expense or transport to Melbourne.

If you believe this adorable little puppy is perfect for you or your family,

please call Charlie on 0431349425 to arrange an appointment.



To ensure our puppies will be going to responsible owners, it is extremely important that we speak with you prior to meeting them. It is for this reason that WE DO NOT RESPOND TO EMAIL ENQUIRIES.

This will also ensure that you do not fall victim to a puppy scam.

We are members of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) in which we adhere strictly to the Victorian Code of Practice.