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Your Guide to
Purchasing a Puppy


We understand the adoption of a new puppy is a daunting task for many.

There are volumes of articles, studies and opinions about what the most suitable breed is for the typical family. The abundance of information is overwhelming!

It is a difficult process and one that can take years before the decision to purchase a puppy finally takes place.

We are here to remove the difficulty from the process.

The decision to adopt a puppy is a life changing event for every family and one that is the next closest experience to raising a child.

The process of purchasing a puppy should not be akin to the purchase of an everyday commodity!

It is the second most important event in the life of any family! It is the adoption of a family member!


At Puppies Downunder, we guide you through the adoption process to help you select the most suitable breed of puppy for your family.

We encourage our customers to share with us their journey with their puppy from the first days at home to the many magical moments created as they grow.

After all, it is our puppies which bring families together!

This is our mate Digger.

Watch his tutorial as he guides you through the steps to purchasing one of our puppies.

The steps are also listed below with all the links to the important information that you need to know.


Steps to purchasing a puppy

Step 1:

Browse our page Puppies for sale. Here you will find the litters which are available for sale.

Step 2:

Contact us to discuss your needs or to enquire about one of our puppies.

Researching what breed is suitable for the family is a real headache and can be very overwhelming for many.

We want to reassure our customers that we will help them find the right breed that is suitable for the needs of their family. We welcome you to contact us for advice on what breed is most appropriate for you and your family.

We will listen to your needs and provide expert advice on what breed is suitable for your lifestyle, home, office, allergies, children, and pets.

Step 3:


We will organise a time with you to visit us or view the puppy via a Facetime appointment to meet the puppies and parents and ask questions.

We encourage all customers where possible to come to our facility and meet the puppies and their parents. This will give you an idea of your puppy's temperament and what size you can expect your puppy to grow to.

Our team will explain the attributes of each breed such as behaviour and the likelihood of shedding as well as what to expect when your puppy reaches adulthood. 

You can meet our staff and watch demonstrations of them training our adult dogs. 

Feel free to talk to our staff and tap in to a wealth of knowledge from experts that are specialists in diet, training and grooming. 

At your appointment we will give you an opportunity to secure the puppy by paying a deposit.

Please note: We will not accept any deposits unless we are certain the purchasers are capable of being responsible pets owners and that the puppy and purchaser are the right fit.

Step 4:

If you have chosen a puppy we will ask you to complete our Puppy Order Form

and pay a 10% deposit to secure your puppy.


At this stage it is important that you read and understand our

Puppy Care Guide and Terms & Conditions.

Step 5:

Arrange a pickup time 10-14 days after puppy has been de-sexed or contact us to arrange a courier/freight if unable to pick up in person.

Step 6:

Purchase the items listed on our New Puppy Checklist and Puppy Diet Guide so you are fully prepared when your puppy is ready to come home with you.

Step 7:

Pick up your Puppy!

Pay the remaining balance.

At 10 weeks your puppy is ready to join your family. 

We will provide you with a booklet that has all the information you need.

We will go through all the information with you from start to finish.


If you have any questions this is a good time to ask!

Step 8:

If you get home and need to ask a question, please call us.

We are more than happy to go over everything with you again.

Step 9:

Please rate us on Google Reviews.

Step 10:

Touch base with us from time to time to let us know how your puppy is going.

As responsible and ethical breeders, we will provide you with ongoing advice and

support for the lifetime of your puppy, so if you have any issues or queries

DO NOT HESITATE to contact us!


Please spend some time on our website exploring our pages and remember if you have any questions

please contact us!

Thanks for visiting Puppies Downunder.

Our Puppy Package

Puppy Packs.jpeg

What you will receive when you purchase your puppy


Two vaccinations prior to sale

(C7 and C6)


Two health checks from our veterinarian


De-sexing at 8 weeks old




Worming and flea prevention


21-day health guarantee


3 year genetic guarantee


4 weeks free pet insurance with Knose Insurance


Puppies Downunder starter pack (biscuits, collar, lead, bowl and toy)

64g Vytrate Hydration Treatment

6 x 650g Puppy Soup/Casserole dinners


2Kg Eukanuba Puppy Biscuits 


Puppy health record (includes important information about your puppy)


After-sales support that is world-class for the lifetime of your puppy.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We take the RISK out of purchasing a puppy

100% Money Back Guarantee

The price we charge for our puppies reflects our very high standards.

We provide a greater level of assurance that the puppy you buy will be healthy and has been born and raised in a caring environment. 

We provide our customers with the following 5 safeguards which entitles them to a 100% money back guarantee if it is found that their puppy is not healthy...

  1. Examination by our veterinarian at 5 weeks (full report)

  2. Examination by our veterinarian at 8 weeks (full report)

  3. Examination by your veterinarian at 12 weeks 

  4. 21 day Health Guarantee which entitles customers to 100% money back guarantee if the animal is not healthy (determined at the time of the 12 week examination by your vet)

  5. 3 year Genetic Guarantee which entitles customers to a 100% money back guarantee if the animal is not healthy and your vet determines a genetic disease has been passed on from the parents to the puppy.

Shipping/Courier Services

Cavoodle Puppies

We always encourage our customers to visit us and meet the puppy and the parents.


If you are unable to do so we can send you videos and photos of the puppy and parents and can organise a time to meet with you via FaceTime/Messenger or Whatsapp.

We can arrange transportation to anywhere in Australia and to most countries.

We can provide transportation via courier for $300 at buyer's expense to Melbourne areas and welcome the opportunity for you to choose your own courier if you prefer.

Please contact Damian on 0499 912 702 to discuss transportation options and prices to other areas.

Puppies Downunder Supporting critcally ill kids

Make A Wish

Puppies Downunder will donate a puppy or $10 from each puppy it sells to Make-A-Wish Australia to help grant life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness.

Ready to purchase
one of our puppies?

Click on our mate Digger

He will guide you through the process to purchasing a puppy from Puppies Downunder


Don't Get Scammed!

Avoid Puppy Scams

Australians lost $2.5M in pet scams in 2021

according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch.

Follow our 6 simple rules to avoid falling victim to a puppy scam.

Puppies Downunder are registered breeders.

Contact our local council

Latrobe City Shire on 1300 367 700

and quote L120

to verify our license.

Why Choose your puppy from Puppies Downunder?

The Team3.jpg

Puppies Downunder have been approved by the Victorian Minister for Agriculture to breed due to our highly professional and ethical standards.


Our approval to breed by the Victorian Minister for Agriculture the Hon Mary-Anne Thomas MP was based on the recommendation from Animal Welfare Victoria's Chief Veterinary Officer.

We provide after-sales support that is world-class for the lifetime of your puppy.

We are greatly resourced to care, train and socialise our animals and work closely with Animal Welfare Victoria and the RSPCA to ensure the care of our animals is to the highest of standards at all times.


We are now the leaders in this industry and have the highest ethical standards in the world!​

We are very well experienced second generation dog breeders that have been breeding puppies for health, intelligence, temperament and hypoallergenic qualities for over 45 years. 

We carefully select our parents to ensure that our puppies are suitable for all types of families, first time pet owners, seniors and those looking for an assistance dog for Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and various other disabilities and mental health conditions.

We encourage you to meet the parents of your puppy and see where your puppy was born.


As responsible breeders we provide Genetic and Health Guarantees for every puppy as well as 4 weeks Free Pet Insurance.

Call or text us to make an appointment to meet the newest member of your family.

Payment Options


Finance now available with Handypay

*T&C's Apply


*Compatibility Questionnaire must be completed and approved prior to seeking finance.

Tap and Credit Cards accepted.

Visa and Mastercard.jpeg

We do not accept payment by Cheque.

We apply a 0.95% surcharge to payments made using tap and credit card payments, which is in line with our cost of acceptance.

We do not surcharge INSERT debit cards.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Deposits are refundable if paid prior to the puppy being microchipped at 5 weeks.

Once the puppy has been viewed and the purchase contract has been signed, the deposit becomes non- refundable.

We require minimum of 10% deposit to secure the order of the puppy.

Any cancellations of the order will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

We require payment in full upon collection of the puppy.

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