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Cockalier Puppies for Sale

Cockerspaniel x King Charles Cavalier Spaniel)
Date of Birth: 27 February 2021

Male Cockalier Puppy
MChip 0037


Male Cockalier Puppy MChip 1057


Male Cockalier Puppy MChip 2174


About Our Cockalier Puppies for Sale

These adorable Cockerlier puppies are delightfully affectionate and intelligent and have wonderful temperaments making them suitable companions for all types of families.

Our puppies have been raised in a loving environment and have shown their sweet nature when playing with our socialisation team.

Will grow to approx:
Height: 29-35cm at the shoulder
Weight: 4-7 kgs

About the Parents of Our Cockalier Puppies

Mother/Dam: Lena

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Colour: Red and White

Height: 32m
Weight: 9 kg

Father/Sire: Mark

Breed: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Colour: Red and White 

Height: 31cm
Weight: 10 kg

The parents of our puppies are very loving and affectionate in nature as well as highly intelligent making our puppies ideal companions for all age groups.

(Parents can be viewed  upon request)

The parents of these puppies has been genetically tested with all clear results

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